What is a prerequisite coursework

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From the point of view of teaching, prerequisite coursework is one of the ways to consolidate the knowledge gained in the subject through their practical application. The student himself selects materials and performs an independent study, the results of which are designed according to a specific pattern. In most universities, course work consists of:

  • Standard decorated title page;
  • one or two sheets of content;
  • brief introduction;
  • the main part where the topic of work is disclosed;
  • practical part with calculations;
  • Conclusions, which summarize the work;
  • list of references that you used to write the work;
  • applications (optional).

In addition to performing scientific calculations, the main difficulty is usually in achieving the required percentage of uniqueness, which in most universities is approximately 55-65%. It is necessary not only to write off suitable fragments of texts from the textbook but also to retell them in your own words.

How to write a term paper

Get started by learning the manual. At the department must be brochures called methodological recommendations for written work. From the training manual, you will borrow a plan and structure of prerequisite coursework, which will be easy to adapt to a given topic. Making a plan, you need to show it to the teacher and get the approval of your mentor. In future work, it is also advisable to consult with a teacher more often, especially if you are writing a term paper for the first time.

Write an introduction. This is the most natural part of the job. Here it is necessary to substantiate the relevance of the topic under consideration, the goals of the work and the tasks that it should solve, as well as to conduct a brief excursion into history. All this is easy to find in the textbooks on the subject or the Internet. The introduction should not take more than 2-3 sheets.

The central part of the work is written according to the plan approved by the teacher, and special problems should not arise with it. As a last resort, if you don’t know what to write about at all, you can contact the teacher, and he will tell you which textbooks have the information you need.